Our services

Our services are designed to provide answers with solid results for your business
needs in the following areas:

I-Business Strategy

The ever-changing competitive environment requires companies to review their Strategy
performance. Our services begin by focusing on the analysis of how the current strategy
works as well as working with owners and senior management to define necessary adjustments
in line with Company's. (Vision & Mission). This should guide and
provide the framework for the adopted and settled Policies within the Company.

When it comes to new projects, we join you along this path from the idea to the launch date of the
business to decrease any the risks this might involve.

We offer the following services:
- Business diagnosis
- Strategic plan development
- Business plan creation
- Strategic plan adoption and new business launching
- Budget and management control
- Short and long-term plans
- Leadership - focus and development

II- Marketing and sales
Companies are required to know their customers’ preferences as well as their competitors’
products and services while permanently explore the paths that leads to gaining these
clients. Commercial management ceased to be merely intuitive, companies must use all the
tools available to be the best option for their customers.

Thus we offer the following services:
- Marketing Plan Design
- Market Research. Diagnosis and planning. Action plans.
- Methodology frame design and consultancy .
- Marketing Return on investment analysis (ROI)
- Innovation Strategy definition
- Business opportunity spotting. New business,
. product and channel development
- Sales Force organization and training
- Customer loyalty program development

III- Finance
To manage a Company, regardless of its size, pursues taking steps and making
decisions in order to maximize the value for its owners.

To reach the goal those in charge should be provided with accurate and timely
information from the results deriving from the actions they perform.

Our services in this field are:
- Business profitability analysis
- Process Improvement
- Investment analysis
- Financing analysis projects
- Financial forecasting, monetary (cash flow) and tax
. model designing and adoption
- Management Control system design and adoption
- Company Valuation
- information Management model design and adoption
. for the decision-making process
- Balance Scorecard design and adoption

IV- Administration
The business model must be supported by an efficient, agile and flexible administrative
management without disregarding corporate control goals. Its Management reflects how
the Business operates in a comprehensive way, and is the link to provide key

.To promote the fulfillment of these points we provide the following services:
- Administrative process design or re-design to improve operational efficiency
- Creation of policy manuals and procedures: staff incorporation and training
- Internal organization
- IT solution design and adoption
- Optimization of existing IT tools
- Strategy design to increase customer collection
- Accounting organization: accounting model development and account
. plan design to improve the use of generated information
- Internal, operational and accounting audit
- Cost System Development

V- Human resources
Optimizing Human Resources management enables the Company to reach high levels
of efficiency needed in a changing and competitive environment where "people" need to
grow and be motivated as "thy person represents the company" and have t "contact
opportunities" with customers, the suppliers and "plays in the team."

We can provide competitive solutions through the following services:
- Human Resource Planning
- Staff search and recruitment
- Creation of information manuals for new and old employees
- Performance Evaluation System design and adoption
- Corporate, organization chart and career plan design and adoption
- Compensation plan design
- Policy and Motivational system design and adoption
- Organization Context, diagnosis and improvement plan development
- Human Resources Policy development
- Diagnosis for internal and external training needs
- Design and adoption of ongoing learning models

VI- Temporary Management Service

The Company may experience a unique, unusual and unrepeatable situation. To impact
internal Human Resources is usually not the best business decision.

In such situations we offer a professional team with deep experience in handling critical
situations. Our clients find our outsourcing consulting practice of great value focusing on
structural change projects, a task they have no time or solid experience on.
Clients ensure goals are achieved within a specified period and at a
reasonable cost without causing tension in people responsible for the daily management.

The importance of relying on a consolidated team with enough authority and command unity to
overcome obstacles that prevent the company from executing changes, along with alignment and
commitment, translates into measurable results, both in time and budget.

We have been working in this field since 1992.

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